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Hello, Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells!

So, I’m going to start off by saying this is a fragrance very near and dear to my heart. I’ve been wanting to review it for a while, but with so many other great perfumes to bring you, I just haven’t had time. But Pink Sugar and I have had a fantastic relationship for a long time, and I think it’s time I share the perfume that still remains one of my favorites: a distinguished accomplishment since my favorite things change from week to week!

Let’s start with a story. Many of you have heard me talk about my lovable boy wonder, but believe it or not, I had no idea he had any interest in me until he asked me out- six months ago this week, in fact. Well, when he asked me I was scared out of my mind. I think I gave him a fright, too, because he often reminds me how his heart sank when he saw my shocked face. But I wound up saying yes and I’ve never looked back; especially since he asked me on the most fantastic first date ever.

Before that night, I’d never been on a date before. I was single all through high school, and the one date I had in college before the boy was kind of a disaster that I can’t even call a real date. So I had /no/ idea what I was doing. I was flipping out for the rest of the week- trying to get stuff to wear, getting my makeup set, but then my best friend asked me what perfume I was planning on wearing. I drew a blank. See, before six months ago, and that first date, I had never touched perfume. Ever. My mom had always warned me against it (I think she just didn’t want me using her Chanel No. 5), and the smell of perfume stores gave me a headache. So I rushed down to my local Sephora, panicked and determined to find the perfect fragrance.

Along comes Aquolina Pink Sugar to the rescue. I had never had such a sweet, saucy scent greet my nose before, and instantly I was in love. It smelled like cookies, like cotton candy, like everything that appealed to my sweet tooth combined into one. I was hooked! I bought a biiiig bottle of it (that I still use almost daily) and never looked back.

Needless to say, that date was spectacular. Said wonderful boy has gotten me through some tough times, and he even helps me proofread my stuff for Meg’s from time to time. Every special occasion with my guy- including our anniversary “celebration” on Wednesday (which consisted of me baking him quiche with his favorite cheese after he came home from work)- I spritz a little bit of this on and he recognizes it immediately. Doesn’t know the name, of course- he’s still a guy! But he calls it “first date perfume” and even requests it from time to time.

Now, enough of my romantic rambling. Down to perfumey business. The top notes are fruity and verrrry sweet, like ripe berries on a summer day- yum! But after those first fifteen minutes of fruit and sugar I get to the real heart of this fragrance- cotton candy, vanilla, and caramel, with just a touch of something a little darker and more bitter- licorice. The subtle undercurrent from the licorice is just enough to kick this fragrance from just a sweet-smelling delight to a fantastic fragrance. It’s unexpected, it’s fun, and the base notes leave you smelling of warm vanilla incense. It actually makes my mouth water just looking at the delicious bottle- pink stripes wrapped around like ribbons and swirled into a vortex-like design at the top.

It’s a very young fragrance, yes, but I think it’s also very wearable as well. The more refined amongst us might find it a little too light and sweet for their tastes. But don’t be fooled by the “light” quality of the scents: this is heavy stuff. Subtlety is key- I nearly choked my roommate last year by spraying too much of it! One of my favorite “tricks” is to spritz once (if you have a flat brush) or twice (if you have a round brush) on my hairbrush and then combing it gently through my hair before I style it. (Do note that this “trick” works with any spray perfume you may have.) They also sell a hair spritz for those of you that want to use that! It’s a wonderful scent, so I heartily recommend any product in the Pink Sugar line.

Here’s what Aquolina has to say about Pink Sugar:

“The ultimate in femininity, Pink Sugar by Aquolina perfume for women blends sweet notes like caramel and cotton candy for a fun, playful fragrance”.

Notes: Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red Fruit, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, Powder

I couldn’t agree more. It’s a very fun fragrance for both we young gals and the more experienced crowd alike- and if you’re not comfortable wearing it every day or if wearing it as a perfume is too strong, I hear great things about the body lotion- the same scent, only more subtle, plus lotion!

What about you ladies? Have any of you fallen under Pink Sugar’s spell?

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