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handcreamSharond here! I am a person who loves fragrance.  I have diffusers in every room, a simmer pot of spices in the kitchen and lots of different candles, essential oils, flowering plants indoor and out and of course perfume.  One of my all time favorite scents is jasmine.  I find it helps me relax, yet gives me a lift when needed.  I have a wonderful jasmine linen spray that I use on my bedding and I just love climbing between the wonderful scented sheets every night.  However, I have never found a really good jasmine hand cream or lotion.  One that would also be convenient to carry in my purse or keep in my car would be even better.  Imagine my surprise when Meg asked me to review Akhassa Jasmine Hand Cream.


As you know, I always look up information about new companies and read the ingredients on every product before use.  Akhassa was conceived in 2005 by two Thai-American sisters who wanted to create a beauty line reminded them of the Asian traditions from their childhood. The sisters teamed up with two of the leading consultants of Asia’s spa industry and combined all their business background, spa experience and health and beauty practices of the Asian region.  Finally, in August 2006, the four women launched Akhassa’s home spa retail line.

The founders wanted to introduce modern beauty products based on the well known benefits of natural ingredients native to Asia.  Of course all their products had to be free of paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate, petro chemicals, animal based ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances and not tested on animals.  The essential oils used had to be distilled from herbs, plants and fruits cultivated in Asia.  Their ultimate goal was to provide the finest in bath and body care, emphasizing a holistic and natural experience.  Their website has a wealth of information on what Akhassa means, the company’s philosophy, and where they found their beauty secrets.  They also explain what makes each of their three lines of spa products unique and which will best serve your needs.

The Jasmine Hand Cream comes under rituals and then Varada for hand therapy.  Varada mudra is the hand position signifying charity and compassion, which was the inspiration for this product.  Again reading about this is very enlightening.

I was very impressed with what I had learned on their website, now I wanted to see how the product worked.  The ingredients included shea butter, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, natural clay, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E and jasminum officinale (jasmine) oil.  The first thing you notice is the cream is rich and easily absorbed, not leaving you with greasy hands.  I paid special attention to my nails and cuticles which are suffering from the dry winter.  After two weeks of continued use, my nails and cuticles are in their best condition in a long time; my hands are soft and no longer red and dry. I found with use that I only needed to use the product two times a day.  I loved the jasmine scent which was real, obviously not a synthetic fragrance, and as it soaked into your skin; the scent became very delicate and long lasting.  The cream has just enough long lasting scent that I did not need perfume.  I did have one perfume with jasmine undertones and found that the two products worked well together, though I preferred the cream alone.    Because this cream is very rich, only a small amount is needed which makes the 2.3 ounce tube last a lot longer than expected.

You can purchase Akhassa Jasmine Hand Cream on their website for $18.00.  There were several other sites that offered this product for sale.  Zenessence offers a wonderful gift set with the Jasmine hand cream, Pink Tea hand scrub and towel in a bronze box for $35.00.

Who loves Jasmine as much as I do? What companies have you found with a great jasmine line?

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