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Hello lovelies! Desertdoll here stepping outside my comfort zone and bringing you a green beauty find. Don’t get me wrong, I try to do my part for the earth. I recycle, I donate my plastic bags to an animal shelter for doody duty, I even own Birkenstocks- does that count for anything? But I could do way more, let’s face it-we probably all could. Except you Daryl Hannah, with your French fry oil-powered car, you do enough.

Chichi and I did go to an organic spa in San Francisco many years ago. I can’t speak too highly of it unfortunately. There was a “silence gong” that various women kept banging every time Chi and I got a case of the giggles (you try being naked in a mineral pool with your best friend). I also paid $200 to be rubbed by a masseuse who had BO.

Luckily, natural beauty has come a long way and these days a very simple way to do more for the earth also means doing something for yourself. That makes the shallow consumer side of me very happy.

Lines like Akhassa make it very easy to go green, one of the most gorgeous natural lines I’ve seen in a long time. Just look at the packaging, you know you’re in for something special, the wood grain cap that snap on and allow you to travel with the sleek and modern pumps bottles, the simple colors, the beautiful logo. But not just a pretty face, this line is committed to selecting natural ingredients for their products that revive the body and soul-pure essential oils, extracts distilled from exotic Asian plants and herbs- these all inspire their holistic philosophy. They’ve got an Asian influence as well. The name Akhassa is based on the ethereal fifth element in ancient Siamese cultural that binds and balances the tangible elements -earth, water, fire and air.

And balanced is a perfect way to describe the feeling you get from their products. They’ve got 3 divisions of products to choose from: Nuture– Fortifies body and mind. Indulges your senses with the exquisite scents and embrace a new calm. Retreat– Helps you drift into total relaxation, soothe away stress and muscle tension. Rituals– Inspired by rituals practiced throughout Asia, from the simple beauty routine to the sacred ceremony.

Top it all off with the fact that they’re cruelty free (of course) and never use parabens or sodium lauryl sulfate (things you DON’T want absorbing into your skin) and this line founded by 2 sisters is a smart choice for those of us who like to make smart choices in their beauty products, and you get something really lovely at the same time!

I received the Ylang Ylang Body Lotion to test. Mixed nicely with bergamot, geranium, lavender and shea butter- this lotion looks, smells and feels absolutely gorgeous. I also got samples of this along with some of their Kaffir Lime body lotion and Jasmine hand cream that I was able to share.

I will be buying full size bottles of them all, how about you ladies? Did Akhassa make you feel like a natural woman?

Akhassa- Buy it Here.

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