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Here’s one of my shamefully insane beauty fixations. That odd ritual or habit you developed out of a fear instilled in you by a threatening beauty article, or like me…by witnessing the results of ignoring the advice first hand. Note I mentioned HAND. Yes…that is where my strange fixation lies…in the health and beauty of my hands. Many of us in my age range and younger take the flawlessness of our hands for granted. I have been one such person and found my first beginning of an age spot earlier this year! I tried to laugh it off as a developing freckle but deep down knew the truth and immediately began to worry about the protection of my mitts. Here’s the embarrassing part…I became SO aware of it that I’ve actually begun driving with my hands curled UNDER the steering wheel at 8:00 and 4:00 so that the backs of my hands are turned down and out of the sun and only the palms of my hands are turned up towards the light. Someone commit me to the beauty looney bin NOW…I’m certifiable!

Our hands are constantly exposed to light so I decided to search out a product that would combine the moisturizing effects of hand cream, SPF of sunscreen, and lightening products to reverse any damage done by my years of neglect. To the internet I went and soon found that I may be the ONLY person alive who wants a 3-in-1 product to cure all. I was getting down right discouraged. I found hand creams promising youthfulness through moisturizing but little to no sun protection. Or there were lightening serums and such but they didn’t protect against future damage. Was this a ploy to get me to buy 3 separate products? Just before I almost gave up, popped lithium and started wearing tissue boxes on my feet I found Ahava Lightening Hand Cream SPF 12 especially enriched with Mineral Skin Osmoterâ„¢ – AHAVA Natural Dead Sea Complex.

This is not an organic or all-natural product but it does utilize the ancient and world known curing properties of Dead Sea minerals so I’m taking the stretch and reviewing it anyway. I’ve been using this lotion for over three months now and my little spot is nary a blip on the canvas of my skin. I couldn’t be happier about it. This also is a wonderful hand lotion on its own. It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, and instantly gives my hands a little ‘plumping’ lift. I have just two complaints…#1 why SPF 12? Why not 15…25…35? I’ll take the 12 for now because its the best I could find but in the future…ahem folks at Ahava…PUMP UP THE SPF! #2…I hate the screw top cap. I prefer pumps or flip tops as its just simpler application.

Well my gorgeous gals…please don’t leave me hangin’ thinking I’m the ONLY one with insane beauty tendencies. Leave a comment to the review to share your experience (even if it isn’t about Ahava…even better if it is) and some of your cuckoo beauty habits too. This site isn’t only about make up, its about sharing stories and feeling the love and support of our fellow whack-o beauty devotees!

I’d love to hear from you and remember to GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!!


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