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yummyBabyLove here!  I have been waiting anxiously for the past two months to post about this body wash and moisturizer, and am so very, very excited that the time has finally come!  I’m betting that the other nine reviewers probably feel the same way, and I’m thrilled to be able to recommend this company since all of their products seem just lovely.  I’m sincerely hoping that you Meg Heads get some traffic to this site, and for those who are “makeup obsessed” spend their weekly allotment at 100% Pure!

When I received the package of Yummy Ice Cream, 2 in 1 wash, I was shocked to see that it was in a 19oz pump.  Equally exciting was the 8oz tube of vanilla moisturizer that was sent along with it.  Talk about bang for your buck!  I go through at least two shampoos and washes a month, but let me assure you that we have used these products everyday since I got them in the mail, and we still have a ton left.  With that being said, I also want to add that not only do my two boys use it, but it has also become the wash of choice for me and my husband.  This wash is definitely a must have for everyone, not just the little ones in your life.

Both the wash and the cream smell just like vanilla ice cream.  After a shower, the whole bathroom smells like a vanilla milkshake, and the scent lasts a full two days in my kid’s hair and on their skin.  Although it’s not as appealing as a bubble bath (which they also carry), the foamy suds mustaches and beards satisfy the boys.  Their hair is shiny and their skin is smooth, and for just a moment everyday they look like such nice, clean boys.  I’m actually really looking forward to running out of this product because 100% Pure carries these in strawberry and mint chocolate chip scents.  I don’t know which one I’m more excited to try first!  Maybe I’ll order all three, and have an ice cream parlor thing going on.

Hopefully, their name gives you a clue that their products happen to be natural, 100% vegan, gluten free, and never, ever tested on animals.  Their jarred products contain zero preservatives, none of their products are made with synthetic fragrance, and their skincare is chalk full of antioxidants.  Go to their site and look around, you will definitely find a must have!

I’m so excited to have stumbled upon such an incredible company, and am 100 percent behind 100 Percent Pure! How cute is their website by the way?

Check It Out Here!

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