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yestocarrotsbabyBabyLove here! A big thank you to everyone who commented on last weeks article.  I don’t feel so alone now knowing that a lot of you are as boring as me. I’d like to announce that as of tonight, I am officially done shopping.The stress of the holiday season has forced me into an eating frenzy, but thankfully I’ll take these next few weeks to decompress.

I’ve gotten another drugstore baby product that is affordable to everyone, and can be found almost everywhere.  I have to admit, that I’ve been dying to try this line, and with unsuccessful attempts to get some product for my list, I decided to buy it myself.  Hopefully, I’ll sweeten my proposition to their pr firm by reviewing them anyway.

If you haven’t tried a Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Tomatoes, and recently added Yes to Blueberries product, then you’re probably living under a rock somewhere.  All three of these lines combine high quality fruits and vegetables with a mineral elixir from the Dead Sea to create quality products that nourish and hydrate skin and hair.  100% natural, Yes to Carrots baby carrots line is also tear free, hypoallergenic, paraben, petroleum, and SLS free.  It’s super affordable at $7.99, and convenient since it’s another 2 in 1 product that us mothers love.  The line is a perfect gift set for a mother to be where it includes a lotion, diaper cream, and bubble bath.

Yes to Carrots is a gentle foaming cleanse.  I love products that foam up instead of getting all soapy dish water looking.  It makes for an easy rinse, and where William has such sensitive skin, I’m assured that there’s no residue hanging around to irritate him.  Like a lot of the natural products we review here, the wash does smell really citrusy with just a hint of baby powder.  It comes in a sturdy pump, which makes it easy for Calum (he ¡s 2.5) to manipulate.  He’s really pleased with himself when he does it all by himself just like William.  I already mentioned that this is both a shampoo and a body 2 in 1, so it’s really nice to be able to expedite the showering process.  Neither of the boys showed any signs of irritation from using this, and their hair was really silky.  I’ve said it before, but it always surprises me when a 2 in 1 leaves hair feeling soft and conditioned.  Every time I use a 2 in 1, my hair feels like hay.  I guess my next purchase will be their baby lotion, which I unfortunately failed to give that a sniff test when I was at the store.

Although this is my first experience with Yes to Carrots baby carrots, I have used their facial towelettes from their Yes to Cucumbers line.  They cleanse, and remove make-up fantastically.   A package of 30 wipes cost $5.99, and can be picked up at any local drugstore and should be on your list for this holiday season.  I specifically have my eye on Yes to Blueberries complete age refresher regimen for my 30th birthday!

With four sub-lines for skin, hair, lips, and baby you can choose Yes to whatever you want and be really happy!

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