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Meg here! Babylove is off this Friday and she asked me to do a “Baby Love” article in her place. This could be difficult seeing I don’t have a baby. I also don’t have any friends that live near by with babies. I also just get freaked out around them in general as well. It occurred to me there had to be someone better to write this article. Like, anyone other then me.

Today my baby butt was saved! Today was the day that WMBF aired a clip of me from being on their news show. The segment was “Best Baby Products!” Fortunately, we have many baby mothers and many baby lovers that read and offer their opinions on our Baby Love articles. All I had to do was go back and look at the comments that the Meg Heads had left under the posts to chose the most popular items.

They filmed this segment in my new enemy. Hi-Definition Television. Damn you HD! While I don’t have a baby I do look like I was up all night with one!

Here were my picks-

Zakias Argan Oil: Mineral Oil is a no-no! This is a great mom and baby item. Instead of “baby oil” (mineral oil with scent) Zakias Argan Oil is the safe alternative. Better yet, it prevents stretch marks and makes mom’s hair and skin look amazing!

Circle Of Friends: Lice Defense Shampoo and Conditioner. Genius. Use these products on your child (camp is coming up!) and spare the bug pick through. This prevents your from child from getting those nasty gnats. The Circle Of Friends Organic Cooling Spray Lotion is just fabulous for treating sensitive skin and eczema. Great company!

Erbaviva! Organic Lip and Cheek Balm It your little one has dry spots on their face then this is the soothing go-to lavender balm. I must warn you. Mothers have been know to use it a lot more on themselves. Balm junkies go crazy for this huge tube. I used to have one. Now I notice it has been in Megken’s car. This is where the term “Like stealing from a baby” must have come from!

Little Twig Travel Basics Bee Calming Lavender  If you have two kids then go to the site and buy two bee mitts and a separate bottle of the little twig body wash because 2 Kids + 1 Bumble Bee face cloth=FIGHT My sister bought an extra because her boys loved these mitts so much they wanted to take baths all the time with them. Arguing over who uses the bee was driving her insane but the plus side was they were loving bath time. So, small price to pay for clean and harmonious boys.

100 Percent Pure Yummy Ice Cream 2 in 1 Body Wash and Shampoo! They are not joking around on the “Yummy Factor” Wowsers do these smell absolutely delish! The bottle is huge, the pump is so convenient and one less product to have to take up bath real-estate. With scents like “Mint Chocolate Chip” and “Strawberry” What kid wouldn’t beg to be bathed?

I hope you like my choices and I hope you like my segment. Have you ever tried any of my picks and what are your favorite baby products?

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