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badgerbabybalmBabyLove here!  I’m pleased to announce that after a year of begging Badger for products, I’ve finally succeeded!  We’ve done reviews on Badger before, and you all have raved along with us when we sang the praises of their lip balms and #1 rated sunscreen.  Since I blog mostly about children’s products, it seemed fit that I add them to the line up.  Everything we’ve sampled from Badger has been fanfreakintastic, so I wasn’t shocked to find that their baby products are awesome too.

Jentri, from Badger, was kind enough to not file a restraining order after all of my “badgering” (oh, ha ha I am so creative) for baby products.  She sent over some organic baby balm, some night night balm, and badger baby oil.  I kept the baby balm for my babies, and passed on the other two goodies to some friends.

Calum is getting his two year old molars in, and has been nothing short of a whiny disaster area.  He’s drooling non- stop, and has had a raw bum.  I’ve used this on him to protect and soothe the area.  It took only a day to see a huge result, and at every diaper change I’ve been applying a little bit to protect him from the moisture.  It keeps him dry, and keeps him smelling good.

Made from extra virgin olive oil, yellow beeswax, castor oil, calendula extract, and essential oil of roman chamomile, this balm is the greatest.  From spending almost everyday of the Summer at the beach, William’s heels are super dry and cracked.  The sand, water, and sun has definitely taken a toll on his toddler tootsies.  He hasn’t complained about them, but they look sort of unsightly and painful at the same time.  You can clearly see deep cuts in his heels.  I’m really shocked that they haven’t bled yet.  At bedtime, I have been coating his heels with this and putting his socks on.  His feet aren’t entirely healed yet, but Badger is definitely helping them get there.  This balm is seriously so versatile.  Badger’s site suggests using it for some skin conditions, so I’m wondering if this would work on helping to soothe some of William’s less severe eczema breakouts.

Badger Baby Balm
comes in a cute, 2 ounce tin.  Our reviewers who aren’t super crazy about earthy smells need not worry, since even though Badger balm is certified organic, it doesn’t smell that way!  I love the smell of this balm.  It smells like a touch of chamomile and lemon, and I’ve received quite a few comments about my new “perfume,” after using this to moisturize my dry hands, elbows, and even my lips.  At first look, I thought I’d have a little bit of trouble working the balm into my skin, but looks are deceiving.  I had absolutely no issue or greasy remnants left behind on my skin after using Badger.  It takes just a minute to work in, and you see and feel IMMEDIATE results.  One tin won’t be enough, because everyone will be hooked.

Moms and Dads listen up! Don’t be like me and steal your baby’s balm, get your own! Badger carries a variety of balms for all different reasons.  I promise, if you’ve never heard of, or used Badger, get some now because you’re missing out!  BADGER IS THE BEST!

Any other mom’s on the verge of being issued a restraining order away from Badger?

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