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lustblushMeg here! I just had the most relaxing/stressful evening! My friend has an amazing house up in the Hollywood Hills. The thing I miss most about owning my own house? My garden and my bath tub. There are few things better than a nice hot bath. My friend has a hot tub that overlooks the city, a sauna and an amazing bath tub. I’ve been sore and so he said I could have at his place and chill out. Awesome.

I was driving my rental car home all nice and relaxed when I saw police blues in the rear view mirror. I wasn’t doing anything wrong so when I pulled over, I asked “did I do something wrong?” Apparently my rental car’s expiration is expired. I explained it was a rental car and gave them my rental agreement, insurance and license.

They asked me to get out of the car. I removed my wet bathingsuit at my friends house and threw on a sweatshirt and shorts for my 5 minute drive home. They frisked me and asked me to remove my sweatshirt. I explained that I couldn’t do that because I had nothing on under it. That I had been in a hot tub.

I just got back from spending 30 minutes in the back of a police car where the police (yes, plural police. They called in back-up for some reason so it was me, three male police officers and one woman) were telling me that the rental agreement dates were off and had I stolen the car?”

My response? “Do I seriously look like a car thief? If I was going to go to jail for stealing a car it would not be for a light blue Hyundai sedan.”

The car did indeed not come up as stolen and after a stern warning about having better paperwork I am now able to finally get home and write this review at 1am. I am now going to go to my Facebook profile and in the “about me” section write “suspected car thief.”

I don’t know when the world got so crazy and complicated but I wish sometimes we could just get back to basics. The thing about common sense is that’s not really that common. Not around here anyhow.

I am happy to be writing my review on a natural company founded on both getting back to basics and common sense!

Ecoglo Minerals
is 100% natural. The line contains no parabens or anything that you can’t pronounce. I know we had a lt of Everyday Mineral’s fans on here that were very unhappy when the company changed so you may want to check Ecoglo Minerals out.

They have fast shipping and extremely competitive pricing. Seriously, some of the items are even below Drugstore pricing! They also have a really cool “loyalty program” everytime you make a purchase you get points that are converted into dollars so you earn money while you’re getting great products at a fair price.

I tried Ecoglo Mineral’s blush in “Lust” (7 points!). I loved how the blush came in a cute cloth drawstring bag (that now holds my hair elastics) “Lust” goes on smooth and I love the color. This is going to last me a long time because all the biggest make-up artists have told me “Only apply on the apple of your cheeks! We’re not doing the whole pull-back with blush across the cheek bone anymore. It’s too eighties!”

This blush is pretty pigmented so you only need a small dab and blend away! I found it to be easy to blend and that it had great staying power. I love companies that reward their customer’s as well, that’s going above and beyond and the people that work here are great as well! They put a lot of care into their products and it shows.

So when I’m not hot-wiring cars I am reaching for my Ecoglow Minerals in lust. I love it, it’s great and the price is right so you know, I don’t have to steal it.

Have any of you tried Ecoglow Minerals? Go check them out and learn about their mission and how to earn loyalty points

Check them out here!

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