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Dear Makeup Enthusiasts,
I think it is so difficult to find actual, unbiased user reviews on beauty products. So I started this blog to help. What works? What doesn’t? What smells great? What reeks? I am in a group of friends (all self-confessed beauty junkies) who love makeup and discuss this constantly. Our opinions are based on years of buying anything and everything that is packaged cute and promises eternal youth. The opinions are taken from my pals that mostly reside in New York and Los Angeles (the capitals of “packaged cute” and “eternal youth”). We will buy beauty products before food. I started this site to share our opinions and give you a way to share yours!!

A brief history of Meg

Way back in 2005, Meg turned her passion into a reality by launching her own beauty blog. With no special training or expertise in beauty besides her own personal experience, Meg wanted to create a blog for the “every-woman.” She wanted her readers to feel they would never have to”wander cosmetic counters alone.” 

In addition to her beauty blogging, Meg, a regular on the Hollywood scene, shares her nightlife experiences so her readers can live vicariously through the ever relatable and candid Meg. She’s also pretty frickin’ hysterical.

In the over-saturated world of beauty blogs, stands out from the rest for two reasons; one being, well, Meg! Two being Meg’s unique interactive style. Not only does she infuse her dry wit and sardonic humor in her commentary about beauty products but she invites her readers to the same. No subject is taboo… from bad breath to boob hair.

As one of the pioneers of the interactive beauty blog, Meg takes interactive to the next level by choosing members at random to test the products. She makes sure to get a mix of all skin types and colors, sends them the products, and asks them to test and comment under her post. Meg’s readers set up profiles where they talk about their favorite products and more.

Meg’s readership is loyal and growing everyday because they know they are getting truly honest and unbiased opinions on the beauty products in today’s marketplace. is a safe, funny and supportive place for women to come and talk and learn and love!

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